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This can be a daunting question for a lot of parents! That next talk might be about sex, pornography, drugs, trading nudes, screen addiction, suicide, social media, body image, sexuality, transgender, academic or athletic pressures, bullying … and the list goes on. Our kids are asking complicated questions at a much younger age than ever before. We’re parenting and teaching in the digital age, which creates a whole new frontier of challenges. The rapidly changing social media platforms and apps in this screen-crazed world put us in unchartered territory. Nexttalk was created by a group of parents who saw a need in their own families. Cyberparenting is not about sheltering. So how do we keep our kids safe online? The answer: open communication. It seems simple, but the process of achieving it is very complicated. Consider this your support group. We are real, open and honest. Here you will find resources, encouragement, conversation-starter ideas and respect for your parenting choices. Your family, your choice.


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