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30 Days Of Sex Talks (ages 8 – 11)

The most meaningful discussions you will have with your child—made easy! This book contains downloadable, bonus content! Included with this book is a code that will allow you to download topic cards which can be printed and placed in strategic locations, such as a mirror, refrigerator or in your pocket, to remind you and your child to start talking! Written by parents and reviewed by professionals, the 30 Days of Sex Talks program makes it simple for you to discuss love, sex, changing bodies, as well as address dangerous messages from the media and various online sources. This book contains 30 topics for discussion including: puberty, curiosity, self-worth, and intimate relationships. These topics can be used to start important dialogue with your child while allowing you to interject your feelings, thoughts, and cultural beliefs. You and your child can talk about sex in the context in which it belongs; as part of a healthy relationship that also includes joy, laughter and the full range of emotion that defines human intimacy. Between the ages of eight and 11, children become much more aware of their bodies. Knowledge about how the human body works and how the body changes can empower your child! Remember that having these talks with your child will establish a pattern of healthy conversations for the future. Your goal is that your child will feel comfortable talking to you about anything as he or she grows into the healthy, knowledgeable person he or she will become.


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