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We believe Christ needs to be at the center of all that we do. We covet your prayers! If you’d like to be part of our prayer warrior team, please email and include “prayer team” in the subject line. Thank you for joining us in prayer for this ministry, all survivors, our partners, our volunteers, and the community.


We are in the process of making some exciting changes and needed updates to our Volunteer Program! We are, therefore, disabling the links here to sign up to volunteer for a short period of time. We ask your patience with us as we seek to enhance the volunteer experience and maximize the benefits of volunteering. Please check back in August 2021 for these updates. We thank you for your grace with us as we continually seek to improve in all areas in the FIGHT to Eradicate human trafficking.

The work of Lighthouse for Life is made possible by those kind and caring individuals that give of their time, talents, and financial resources to our organization. With assistance from people like you, we are able to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by human trafficking and work to decrease the number of future victims.


We rely on financial support from people like you to operate. Donate today and make a lasting investment in a precious life.





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As a thank you, you’ll receive 2 Lighthouse for Life t-shirts & Recognition as a Grace Partners on our website.


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$150 per month

Your logo & company description will be showcased on the Lighthouse for Life website.

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In addition to your logo & company description showcased on the Lighthouse for Life website, you will receive 3 monthly mentions on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Company showcased on our website. 3 Social media mentions each month. 2 Registrations in Run for Her Life Race. + Featured in 1 monthly newsletter to share “Why We Support Lighthouse for Life”

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$1500 per month

EVERYTHING mentioned above. + The opportunity to sponsor a variety of community events such as baseball games, painting classes, movie nights & MORE!


In our dedication to combating crimes against children, we have chosen an outstanding curriculum called the Empower Youth Program from iEmpathize. At the heart of our curriculum is the concept of empathy, an active response to the suffering of others, and a characteristic that our culture is in great need of cultivating. Few of us are completely apathetic (choosing to disregard another’s suffering), but many of us get stuck in sympathy (feeling badly for the suffering of others). Empathy (understanding and actively engaging another’s suffering) is the solution to issues of exploitation, from familiar forms, such as bullying at school, to more extreme acts like human trafficking.

By inspiring students to develop empathy for those around them, our curriculum distinguishes itself as an exploitation awareness tool as well as a character education program with far reaching transformative potential for your school, classroom, or youth programs. The purpose of the Empower Youth Program, therefore, is to empower students with strategies to stay safe from exploitation.

Intended for youth ages 12 and up, each 25 minute lesson includes optional extension activities increasing to 60 minute programs.

Program Features:

  • Flexibly designed for many youth-serving environments, including schools, juvenile corrections environments, after-school programs, individual counseling sessions, and more.
  • Five lesson units comprised of two short films per lesson, discussion questions, learning activities, and assessment options.
  • Supplemental Friendly: The program can be integrated into existing curricula or existing initiatives. It aligns with national standards in Health Education, Counseling, and Common Core (Language Arts and Social Studies).
  • The most impactful feature of the program is its teen showcase. Rather than featuring adults, the media content is led by youth who speak from their experiences of learning to navigate vulnerability.

Free Webinar: What Is Trafficking and How Can Schools Help


For more information, contact Debby Spratt at

Download the Convert Emotional Abuse document here!


Kelli Townsend is our Freedom Bag Coordinator. She is a volunteer leader. Contact Info : 321-258-7165 

Freedom Bags are given to agencies all over South Carolina who work with people who may be victims of sex trafficking. They are full of items to make each person feel valued and cared about. These helping professionals use the Freedom Bags as a very important tool to build rapport and show kindness to these potential victims.

They are full of items to express value and care for every person. 

Freedom Bag Program Guidelines

  • Buy a new medium size backpack with zipper closure.
  • Choose male or female.  Choose S, M, L, or XL.  Buy gender specific items such as clothes and toiletries. Be sure to clearly label your bag.
  • Approved Items:
-Shampoo (regular size) -Conditioner (regular size) -Toothbrush -Toothpaste -Floss -Body Wash or soap -Loofah or Wash Cloth -Q Tips – Travel Size -Face Wipes-Lotion -Deodorant (no roll-ons, regular size) -Hair Brush and/or Comb -Hair Ties -Feminine Hygiene Products  -Small Blanket -Notebook/Journal -Pens -Mini Flashlight -Water Bottle -Encouraging Note/ Card -Gum-Clothing (keep sizes consistent) -Underwear -Sports Bra -Loose fitting work out or athletic pants -Solid colored T-shirt    with no logos -sweatshirt -hoodie
  • Non-Approved Items: Any printed material, Used clothing, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, anything aerosol, hair gel, hair spray, nail polish, nail clippers, tweezers, metal nail files, perfume, glue, bobby pins, lighters, candles, matches, roll-on deodorant, baby oil, shaving gel, razors, tank tops, shorts, provocative clothing or undergarments,  personal endorsed pens, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Contact Kelli Townsend, our Freedom Bag Coordinator about how/when/where to donate your bag when you are ready, or if you have any questions.
  • Please do not organize any large donations (over 10 bags) without first contacting Kelli. Our storage space is limited, and we need to make sure we can accommodate them so we steward your investment well.
  • If you work for an agency you believe would be a good candidate to receive Freedom Bags, please contact Kelli, to find out how to qualify and coordinate delivery.
  • Please do NOT include travel size or hotel toiletries.
  • You may also contact Kelli if you would like to join the team as a volunteer to deliver Freedom Bags to our partner agencies. 
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Public Policy

Lighthouse for Life Public Policy Objective:

Protect vulnerable populations from the trauma, exploitation, degradation and humiliation of commercial sex, by making South Carolina a hostile environment for sex buyers, pimps and traffickers through the following actions:

  1. Educate the public that sex buyers are the root cause of sex trafficking and prostitution and build community intolerance against this practice.
  2. Encourage law enforcement to aggressively work both solicitation (purchasing sex) and trafficking in persons crimes.
  3. Advocate for amendments to the criminal code to increase deterrence for sex buyers and strengthen the tools available to Law Enforcement and the Judiciary.
  4. Advocate for Human Trafficking Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training for Judiciary, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement.

Seeking volunteers interested in working on this objective. Must have intense desire to learn at both the academic and street level. Able to stay motivated over a period of years in the face of: repeated rejection, failure, unreturned phone calls, too busy to bother and unwillingness to change. Will not be deterred by heavy investment in time and energy with little or no meaningful results.

The Director of Public Policy for Lighthouse for Life is Bob Healy. If you would like to join this team, please contact Bob at

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Lighthouse for Life T-shirts

If you would like to volunteer to help with sales, inventory, or distribution at of online purchases or at one of our events, please contact our T-Shirt Coordinator, Kelli Anthony at 803.681.0791 or


Make a difference while you shop! AmazonSmile donates a percentage of sales to Lighthouse for Life each time you shop using their website. Simply select Lighthouse for Life as your default organization before you check out.

To help send needed items to our Safe Home, visit our Amazon Wish List today!

Coffee on a Mission

Give $10 to Lighthouse for Life through Coffee on a Mission and receive a bag of roasted-to-order whole bean coffee!

If you would like to join our army of volunteers in combatting human trafficking, please complete this Volunteer Form to let us know who you are and how you want to be involved. Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments regarding volunteering, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at



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