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What signs are there that a person might be a victim of trafficking?

*Please note that the following indicators should be considered together and even if more than one applies to someone you know, it does not confirm that they are being trafficked. However, if you have any concerns or suspicions about a possible human trafficking case you should report it! Call 911 and the national human trafficking hotline number 1-888-3737-888.


  • Own a limited amount of clothing, a lot of which could be described as ‘sex clothes’ or are not dressed appropriate to the climate
  • Unable to travel freely or without permission or may be escorted wherever they go
  • Cannot display any identification
  • Have little money to no money in their possession as it is collected by another person
  • Display signs of substance abuse or bruising
  • Move from city to city frequently or cannot name the place they are staying at
  • Use a ‘street’ name rather than their own
  • Hang out with older men or a secretive about their relationships
  • Say they are older than they appear to be
  • Wear excessive make-up
  • Display mood swings, fear, anxiety, anger, depression or distrust
  • Have clothing or material possessions beyond their means to buy
  • Have tattoos or other forms of branding on their body indicating ownership by a pimp
  • There are are frequent or extensive gaps in their education


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