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Fleet Feet 5K (L4L Fundraiser)

What’s the Deal?
On June 7 (Global Running Day!), 40 Fleet Feet Sports locations nationwide will do something never done before by our brand—hold a nationally-coordinated 5K race in different locations all on the same day!

The cost of the race is $25.00

What’s at Stake? Fleet Feet has generously reached out and chosen Lighthouse for Life as their charity to receive the proceeds from the local event!!! Also, every participant gets a t-shirt. Every finisher gets a medal. And at the end of the day, all results will funneled up into a national leaderboard to determine the answers to questions like: who is the fastest runner in the country? Which community has the average fastest 5K time? AND SUPER COOL PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN!

Please register to participate and spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To register just use this link


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