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Community Awareness Event Especially for Middle & High School Students and their Caregivers

Union United Methodist Church is sponsoring a community awareness event designed with parents of middle and high school students and their students in mind. This is the third session in their series address issues that impact our families and communities.

Come out and join Lighthouse for Life as we have the privilege to speak. We are especially excited to use content from the Empower Youth Program. The most impacting feature of the program is its teen showcase. Rather than featuring adults, the media content is led by youth who speak from their experiences of learning to navigate vulnerability.

Topics include but are not limited to
What is human trafficking?
What makes someone vulnerable?
How do you decide who is a positive person or a negative person in life?
The 5 disguises traffickers try to use to get close to their target.
What do we do once we realize someone we know is being groomed or trafficked?

So if you are a parent, caregiver or a student in grades 6 to 12 this event is especially for you!


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