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5th Annual Run For Her Life 5K Glow Run

Join us as we run, walk and jog at Saluda Shoals Park at 7:00 p.m. on behalf of those enslaved in human trafficking. This event is to raise awareness and funds to support the outreach program of Lighthouse for Life.

This event is for serious runners all the way to families with little kids in wagons and furry friends on a leash. The more people the better!!! Will you make plans NOW to join us THEN!

You’ll have the time because our race in on LEAP DAY!! You can dedicate an hour of an entire extra 24 to having fun while supporting an amazing cause right?!

The best part of the race is the GLOW FACTOR. We will all be glowing as we run out as lights into the dark and while it looks super cool and kids really dig it……the big true reason is to symbolize taking the light of hope into the dark and painful world of modern day slavery.

On line registration will open November 1 and we give special thanks to our Presenting Sponsors at MCEC!!!

If you would be interested in sponsoring the race just email


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