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What’s with Wayfair? Are They Involved in Human Trafficking?

“We have received many inquiries over recent days from our community regarding the recent suspicions of the Wayfair child trafficking ring.

At this time the information appears unfounded. However, the idea of an organized trafficking ring through large companies or people of influence is not a surprise to us and a scenario like this could be reality. We also know that many big box retailers who give very big discounts could be outsourcing their work in a way that is promoting labor trafficking.  

What we want to encourage our community to understand is that trafficking is happening every single day here in our community and throughout the world. Often, we become drawn to cases like Epstein and possibilities like Wayfair, but please remember organized trafficking rings are happening all around us.

It’s also important to remember that the stories you are hearing in the media are not the only forms. Everyday we deal with familial, peer, survival, and other forms of trafficking that are happening right here in South Carolina and are as equally detrimental and horrifying.

Let’s not let one case be the focus but let’s all become more informed and aware of the prevalent issue that is happening everyday. Most cases are not making headlines or social media posts. This does not mean this issue doesn’t need all of our attention. Let’s lock arms, be educated, and do what we can do fight trafficking in our own backyard.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us for an awareness talk. We are able to do those both in person (with covid-19 precautions in place) or via zoom. We love to help empower our community with the right information in helping you make a difference.”

Credit for this well written and informative announcement goes to our dear friends in ministry in Greenville, SC – SWITCH    We simply couldn’t agree more!


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