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Karis Home Update

Recently a concerned community member asked, “Why are there still no residents at Karis Home?” Thats an excellent question and perhaps others of you
are wondering the same thing.

Over the past four years, you have faithfully partnered with us and we have come so far. We first completed renovations to the home bringing it up
to state and county codes specifically in place for group homes for children. We then aquired licensure from S.C. Department of Social Services.
The next step was to pursue and obtain a contract with them as well. It has been a long and somewhat tedious process with multiple steps, BUT WE

The ONLY THING needed for survivors to be able to come live at Karis Home are our Caregivers. The home is completely paid for, the beds are made, the
pantry is stocked, and DSS is on standby to send girls our way. So once we have our entire staff hired and trained its Go Time!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the caregiving positions, please reach out to us at or call
803-900-0907. We’d love to talk with you more about it.

Please believe us when we say nobody wants Karis Home occupied more than we do. As we enter in this holiday season please continue to support, pray
and partner with us in the ministry. We believe 2019 promises to be our best year yet.


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